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Some people are just willing to do more than what is asked of them.

As busy as they are, they always seem to find the time to do the extra things. AAFT’s recognizes these people through our Special Awards (Ad Person of the year, Dan Kilgo Community Service Award, and Silver Medal) and recipients are recognized each year at the Addy Gala. These awards are given based on club nomination, so this is YOUR chance to recognize someone.


Silver Medal Award

The Silver Medal Award is the highest honor bestowed by AAF Tuscaloosa. Your nominee does NOT have to be a member of our club. The winner must have a strong record of achievement over a continuous period of time for their firm or group of companies. Their success may have come in an advertising agency, for an advertiser, or in publishing or broadcasting. The winner should have displayed creative thinking in whatever phase of advertising they have worked. The winner must be known as a person of integrity within their company and community and have been active in organizations dedicated to some phase of human or social welfare.

The Ad Person of the Year Award recognizes that individual member who has shown dedication to and has made great contributions to the club, as well as showing exceptional advertising work during the past year.


Ad Person
of the Year


Dan Kilgo Service Award

Given by AAFT to an individual from the greater Tuscaloosa area who has done much to serve the interests of the entire community. This person does NOT have to be a member of our club and should be noted for activities in many fields.


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