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Proposed Slate of Officers

Election of the 2018-19 Board of Directors will take place at the May business meeting on May 10, 2018.

Prior to the meeting please review the 2018-19 Proposed Slate of Officers below. Additional nominees may be submitted by an active member in writing, signed by five active members in good standing and submitted to the Nominating Committee Chair, Tabitha Bostick no later than Thursday, May 3.

Officers: one (1) year terms

President: Michael Nix
President-Elect: Rebecca Royen
VP Membership: Bradlee Colburn
Co-VPs AAAs: Julie Mann & Mark Barry
VP Communications: Kellie Hensley (Pending Bylaws Change Vote to Add Officer Position)
VP Club Achievement: Rebecca Royen
Co-VPs Programs: Jay Waters & Kassandra Horton
Treasurer: Lindsey Sullivan
Secretary: Chris Powell
Chairman of the Board Immediate Past President: Deidre Stalnaker

Class of 2019 (Directors who do not require a vote or installation): term ends June 30, 2019

  1. Bradlee Colburn (1st Term)
  2. Kellie Hensley (1st Term)
  3. Kassandra Horton (1st Term)
  4. Michael Nix (2nd Term)
  5. Chris Powell (2nd term)
  6. Lindsey Sullivan (1st Term)
  7. Tasha Washington (1st Term)
  8. Jay Waters (1st Term)

Class of 2020 (Directors who are being elected to a new term of office.) term ends June 30, 2020

  1. Patricia Cade (2ND Term)
  2. Lee Foster (2ND Term)
  3. Angie Hughes (3RD Term)
  4. Julie Mann (2ND Term)
  5. Rebecca Royen (2ND Term)
  6. Deidre Stalnaker (3RD Term)
  7. Leslie Bruinton (1st Term)
  8. Wayne Myers (1st Term)
  9. Mark Barry (1st Term)
  10. Linda Bonnin (1st Term)
  11. Frank Farrar (1st Term)
  12. Amy Materson (1st Term)

Maximum Voting Directors: 20

Ex-officio (Non-voting) Roles:

  • Michelle Massey (National American Advertising Awards Committee)
  • Tracy Sims (Advisor to the Board)
  • Tabitha Bostick (AAF District 7 Regional Director)