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Pitch, please!

Mark Barry
Acting Director of Advertising Creative Specialization
Department of Advertising and Public Relations
University of Alabama

A great creative advertising pitch lives in this weird grey area between a traditional presentation and a dog and pony show. Pitches convey information, like a presentation, but they usually also have a bit of Hitchcockian suspense and/or Kaughman-esque showmanship. A great pitch leaves the audience both enlightened and excited.  In fact, much of the conventional presentation rulebook can be thrown out the window and replaced with surprisingly different communication styles paired with heaping piles of preparation that can often include borderline criminal levels of stalking.

Recontextualized for a professional audience, this session will give an overview of topics covered in my course of the same name at The University of Alabama. As conference breakout sessions go, this should be a pretty good one. So you should totally come. Apologies in advance for the pony’s behavior. He’s a bit of biter.

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