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Special Awards and Past Recipients

2020 Nominations will open in late 2019 or early 2020.

Some people are willing to do more than just what is asked of them. As busy as they are, they always seem to find the time to do the extra things. AAFT's recognizes these people through our Special Awards (Ad Person of the year, Dan Kilgo Community Service Award, and Silver Medal) and recipients are recognized each year at the Addy Gala. These awards are given based on club nomination, so this is YOUR chance to recognize someone.

Silver Medal Award

The Silver Medal Award is the highest honor bestowed by AAF Tuscaloosa. Your nominee does NOT have to be a member of our club. The winner must have a strong record of achievement over a continuous period of time for their firm or group of companies. Their success may have come in an advertising agency, for an advertiser, or in publishing or broadcasting. The winner should have displayed creative thinking in whatever phase of advertising they have worked. The winner must be known as a person of integrity within their company and community and have been active in organizations dedicated to some phase of human or social welfare.

Snow Hinton Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa 1971
Clyde Price WACT 1976
Russ Chappell Group One Advertising 1978
Bruce Roche University of Alabama 1979
Alice Lewis First State Bank 1982
Jack Gorday South Central Bell 1983
Camille Elebash University of Alabama 1984
Craig Woodward Alabama Press Association 1985
Dennis Hall Jim Walter Resources 1986
Jack Andrews Patrick Outdoor 1987
Jimmy Warren TotalCom 1988
Gary Creek TotalCom 1989
Charles Land The Tuscaloosa News 1990
Betty Heard Harco Drug 1992
Brad Fisher DCH Regional Medical Center 1994
James Boone The Tuscaloosa News 1995
Susan Richards Tucker Tucker Marketing Group 1996
Ed Mullins University of Alabama 1997
Dan Meissner Gulf States Paper 1998
Laura Lineberry University of Alabama 2000
Michele Massey Riverhill 2001
Joel Mask 2003
Fred Deloach 2004
Houston and Voncile Pearce 2005
Newell Allen 2006
Keith LaCoste 2008
Angie Hughes 2009
Lori Moore 2010
Camille Shotts WVUA-TV 2011
Lucy Arnold Sikes 2012
Teri Henley 2013
Easty Lambert-Brown 2015
Tracy Sims University of Alabama 2016
Jimmy Shaw JRD, Inc., TTI, Inc., Warrior Broadcasting, Inc., TTI Properties, Inc. 2017
Adam Miller Theatre Tuscaloosa 2018
Linda Bonnin University of Alabama 2019

Ad Person of the Year


The Ad Person of the Year Award recognizes that individual member who has shown dedication to and has made great contributions to the club, as well as showing exceptional advertising work during the past year.

Otto Miller 1974
Bruce Roche 1978
Jack Andrews 1983
Craig Woodward 1984
Judy Giles 1985
Sheri Arnold 1986
Dan Meissner 1987
Michele Elrod 1988
Joel Mask 1989
Betty Heard 1990
Michele Massey 1991
Ronnie Quarles 1992
Laura Madison 1993
Susan Richards Tucker 1994
Annie Ellis 1995
Michele Massey 1996
Kathleen Hines 1997
Jimmy Warren 1998
LeAnn Perry 1999
Cynthia Lacey 2000
Angie Hughes 2001
Lisa Aplin 2002
Keith LaCoste 2003
Brad Fisher 2004
Lillian Quarles 2005
Katy Grimsley 2006
Nancy Lambert-Brown 2007
Laura Lee 2008
Michael Washington 2009
Adam Miller 2010
Tracy Sims 2011
Julie Salter 2012
Tabitha Bostick 2013
Brad Fisher 2014
Chris Powell 2015
Sam Kirkwood 2016
Deidre Stalnaker 2017
Rebecca Royen 2018
Kellie Hensley 2019

Dan Kilgo Community Service Award

Given by AAFT to an individual from the greater Tuscaloosa area who has done much to serve the interests of the entire community. This person does NOT have to be a member of our club and should be noted for activities in many fields.

Jack Warner Gulf States Paper 1974
Fred Maxwell University of Alabama 1977
Mary Ann Phelps
Malcolm Portera University of Alabama 1984
Jack Warner Gulf States Paper 1985
Charles Land The Tuscaloosa News 1986
Fran Viselli Bama-Bino Pizza 1989
Jim Harrison Harco Drug 1990
Dennis Hall Jim Walter Resources 1991
Johnnie Aycock Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama 1994
Anthony Topazi Alabama Power/IDA 1995
Verta Barr 1996
Bill Landford 1997
Dick Johnson South Central Bell 1998
Terry Waters Alabama Power 1999
Star Bloom 2000
Barry Mason University of Alabama 2003
Joyce Sellers Tuscaloosa County Schools 2004
Jerry Belk 2005
Jim Harrison III 2006
Sarah Patterson University of Alabama 2007
David DeSantis Tuscaloosa Toyota 2008
Walt Maddox Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa 2009
Robert Witt University of Alabama 2010
Kellee Reinhart University of Alabama System 2016
Judy Holland High Socks for Hope 2017
Angie Hughes WVUA TV 2018
Michele Massey Tucker Massey Marketing 2019

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