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Government Relations Report, May 2018

by Bradlee Colburn, AAFT Governmental Affairs Committee Chair

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Launches in Europe

AdAge: Google and GDPR Hand Publishers a Hard Choice
Key takeaways: New privacy laws go into effect in Europe beginning May 25. Google announced that publishers will need to share data they collect with Google to continue using its services. Publishers are in a tough spot, as they must get consent, but don’t control what happens with data once shared with Google.

CNBC: Everything you need to know about a new EU data law that could shake up big US tech
Key takeaways: General description of what GDPR does, its policies, and its potential impacts. It does affect US companies doing business in Europe as they can receive fines for violations.

Cannabis Advertising Self-Regulation – Yes, weed

AdWeek: Are New Proposed Advertising Guidelines for Pot Brands Too Strict?
Key takeaways: The National Association of Cannabis Businesses is attempting to self-regulate the cannabis industry’s advertising efforts through a set of guidelines in an effort to further legitimize the industry and stay out of trouble. The article discusses some key points raised by the standards.

NACB: National Association of Cannabis Business Advertising Standard
Key takeaways: Here are the advertising standards straight from the NACB.