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AAFT: 2nd Place Club of the Year

AAF Tuscaloosa won 2nd Place Club of the Year and eight club achievement awards in the AAF District 7 American Advertising Awards at the district’s annual spring convention last week.

AAFT won the following club achievement awards:
1st Place: Advertising Education
1st Place: Programs
2nd Place: Communications
2nd Place: Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives
2nd Place: Membership Development
2nd Place: Public Service
3rd Place: Club Operations
3rd Place: Government Relations

The annual District 7 Spring Convention hosts advertising and marketing professionals and students from states across the district, including Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana. The conference provides professional development seminars, networking opportunities, a creative competition, awards ceremony and gala events.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Inspired to Lead,” which focused on teaching members how to become leaders in their AAF chapter, in their careers, in their community and in the nation. The keynote speakers included [need more information].

Five AAFT chapter delegates attended this year’s convention in Jackson, Mississippi: Michele Massey, Julie Mann, Rebecca Royen, Michel Nix, and Lindsey Sullivan.

“The highlight of the convention for me was the induction of Former Governor Vicki Mills from Macon in to the District 7 Hall of Fame,” said Massey, AAFT’s national AAA committee vice-chair. ”I had the honor, along with former governors AJ Buse and Dawn Reeves, to present Vicki with her award.”

According to Massey, Vicki Mills is only the eighth person to receive this award in the 80-year history of District 7.


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