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FIVE Myths About American Advertising Awards

In year’s past there have been a few myths about the American Advertising Awards floating around, and we are out to set the record straight.

1. It’s biased. FALSE

The folks judging your awards entries are experienced advertising professionals from out of our market. This year, we have invited AAF members from Indiana, Georgia and Florida to judge our local entries.

2. Nobody from Tuscaloosa wins at the regional and national level. FALSE

In recent years, we have had quite a lot of Tuscaloosa entries score high and place in both Silver & Gold award levels and have seen students and professionals take home a national honor.

3. It’s too complicated to enter. FALSE

AAF National has worked hard the past few years to streamline the entry process and work out all the tweaks so it’s easy sailing! This year, there’s even a way you can enter elements of a campaign along with a complete campaign without starting a new entry!

4. My work doesn’t fit into a category. FALSE

If you have done creative work in the advertising industry over the last year, we dare you to show us an example of work that doesn’t have a category to represent it!

5. Only folks at big advertising agencies win. FALSE

Winners come from everywhere! Sure, agencies win, but independent graphic artists, music mixers, social media reps for craft breweries…anyone with a great idea can (and does) win!

Now that you know the truth, the only thing left to do is decide what you are entering this year! The deadline for both students and professionals is January 12, 2018 and the Awards Gala is February 23, 2018.